PA Training

We offer a PA training course for churches that are looking to improve the sound quality of their meetings.

The training course can be run over a weekend (recommended):

Saturday consists of several workshops, ‘Back to Basics’ through to ‘Advanced Mixing’. This is to ensure that your entire team is at the same level.
If we find that your team doesn’t need to go back to basics we will change the structure of the day to ensure that they get the most out of the workshops.
The afternoon workshops will involve your church band, enabling everyone to get hands on experience. If your band is not available we will provide recordings to play through your system.

Sunday is where we join you in a meeting and take your team through the techniques that they have learnt on the Saturday.
This will help us get a better understand of how your meetings are run so that we can point your sound engineers in the right direction to make their mixes even better.

Other topics we cover are:

  • Acoustics and sound levels.
  • Dealing with complaints; is it to loud or to quiet.
  • Using the correct microphones and DI boxes.
  • Upgrades, what does your church need to buy next.

If you have questions and want to know prices please get in touch.