Pocketful Of Faith

Tim Hughes is an artist from Integrity Music and this is an acoustic version of one of the tracks off the album.
It was recorded in a derelict warehouse in Birmingham using a Pro Tools HD system in the back of a van, hooked up to a generator. It was mixed by myself at dB Studios.
All the parts are live and the U87 on Tim’s vocal turned out really well to give it the raw feel we where after. There are a few microphones being used to pick up the ambience of the room to give the track a natural feel and to bring the audience closer to the room it was recorded in.

“Pocketful Of Faith, the song and the album, represents a new chapter for Tim, chronicling both his faith and family life progression as he moves from the role of worship Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton, London, to a new challenge; planting a church in England’s second city, Birmingham. This video was recorded live at the Gas Street warehouse where one day the church will be full of the vibrancy of worship. This song is a statement of intent for the church and a vision to see God use whatever we bring to Him.”